Cò tha seo?


The Clan

Kikki Ghezzi, is an Italian experiential artist, who lives and works in New York City and Milan.  She is  deeply   passionate   about  Scottish   culture  and  traditions and has been studying    Gaidhlig   at   Sabhal   Mor  Ostaig  in  Skye   since   2016.   She  started  the  project:  Clan  MacDharobhnie in 2016.



Morag Jones, a Glaswegian and long-time resident of Edinburgh, is a retired school  teacher  and  a  successful   treasure  hunter  with  a  strong  sense  of community. She recently helped to set up local community greengrocer Dig in Bruntsfield weaving

Morag  was  very  honoured  to  be  the  ‘ finder’ of  one of the mysterious book sculptures – Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, currently on display at the National Library of Scotland (Morag Jones finds the mysterious book sculpture).

Keen  to   embrace   the   Gaelic language  of her  MacLeod  and McFarlane ancestors (her great grandparents were from Argyll) she  took   the   trip  to  Skye  and  Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. She is very passionate about the Scots language, politics, current affairs and social history, which she wasn’t taught at school.


Max Buettner studies anthropology at Cornell University in the United States. He is very enthusiastic about the Highlands culture and the Gaelic language.

John Humphries
is a visual artist, gardener, and designer focusing on translating one media form to another.  John is Professor of Architecture and Interior Design at Miami University and is very interested in Scottish history and traditions.